1. Internationale Opernwerkstatt Waiblingen

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1. Internationale Opernwerkstatt Waiblingen

23. - 28. SEPTEMBER 2019

Melanie Diener, worldwide acclaimed soprano from Waiblingen, and American baritone Thomas Hampson, one of the most important singers of our time, invited – for the first time in 2019 – to an opera workshop in Waiblingen to the outstanding singers of the new generation who are at the interface between their studies and profession.

The “Internationale Opernwerkstatt Waiblingen” was supported by Helmut Nanz-Stiftung and Bernd Moosmann - Meisterwerkstätten für Holzblasinstrumente GmbH.


The Artists

Melanie Diener
Thomas Hampson
Dan Ettinger

Dan Ettinger

Gerneral Music an Chief Conductor Stuttgart Philharmonic Orchestra

What moves us


Opera, the complex art form, has fascinated people from all cultural circles for more than 400 years. The directness of the moment and the fusion of literature and composition as expressed by the human voice spark curiosity, phantasy and emotions – but opera also reflects the world and human existence.

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