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The Stuttgarter Philharmoniker

The Stuttgarter Philharmoniker was founded in September 1924. In 1976 Stuttgart the capital of Baden-Württemberg – took over the sponsorship of the orchestra.
Since 2015 Dan Ettinger is the orchestra’s current musical director as chief conductor and Generalmusikdirektor of the city of Stuttgart.
In addition to its varied work in several concert series in its home city, the orchestra regularly gives concerts in many cities in south-west Germany. Every year it also gives guest performances in Germany and abroad.
In recent years the Stuttgarter Philharmoniker toured to Italy (Milano), Austria (Salzburg), Switzerland (Lucerne, Zurich), Belgium (Antwerpen) among others.
The Stuttgarter Philharmoniker has been the Festival Orchestra of the Opernfestspiele in Heidenheim since 2013 with Marcus Bosch as the artistic director.
In 2007 the Stuttgarter Philharmoniker recieved the „Prix Rachmaninoff” donated by the composer’s grandson (Sergej Rachmaninoff Foundation) to honour the orchestra for their outstanding engagement in performing Rachmaninoff’s œuvre.
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